Prior to the turn of the 20th century, William Morgan Castle started Castle Printing in a three-room basement in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The year was 1888. He began business with two one-color presses and a type case holding only a few fonts of type. The staff was Castle, a typesetter and a pressman.


In 1899, CastlePierce installed the first linotype machines in commercial use north of Milwaukee.


The company name was changed to CastlePierce in 1900 when Harry Pierce, Castle’s pressroom supervisor and ace pressman, became a partner. The two, along with Harry’s son Elmer, Castle’s son William Jr. and Castle’s grandson William Reilly, worked side by side until the death of Elmer Pierce in 1963. Elmer’s death marked the end of the Pierce involvement in the operational side of the business.


Amidst the Great Depression, CastlePierce sustained operations by securing new work such as the printing of the Big Ten yearbooks.


CastlePierce operated the first commercial two-color press in the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin.


CastlePierce entered the offset printing arena.


In 1962, CastlePierce built a modern, state-of- the-art building, which the company still occupies today.


CastlePierce surpassed regional competition with the addition of a four-color press.


The Castle family purchased the final company holdings from the Pierce family in 1982. The name CastlePierce has remained, honoring the tradition of the Castle-Pierce collaboration in 1900.


CastlePierce celebrated its 100th anniversary and continued to operate under the management of the 4th generation of Castles.


The company marked its 110th anniversary with the completion of a $3.5 million expansion project.


As technology continued to advance, so did CastlePierce. In 2000, the company shifted away from commercial print and changed its primary focus to packaging.


In 2013, CastlePierce celebrated its 125th year of operation. The 5th generation of Castles assumed daily management of the company.


Continuing to grow in the field of narrow web flexible packaging, CastlePierce completed a $4.5 million expansion project in 2016.