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CastlePierce was introduced to NurturMe in the winter of 2015 through a referral by another customer. The initial order was for a quick turn on a small trial run of metallized film which was to be used for packaging Quinoa Squares, and was to be shipped to middle-of- nowhere Minnesota for a packaging trial and day of R&D. The team from NurturMe would also be making the trip from Austin Texas to attend this trial… and would soon find out just how cold Minnesota is in February.

As often happens with product unveilings, the timeline was very tight, but the trial needed to go off without a hitch in order to meet contract deadlines. So when we realized that the printed film, which was scheduled to rewind on a Sunday morning, needed to be at the co-packer by 8am that Monday morning, we took matters into our own hands and had a sales rep make the 390 mile drive (with the film in the back of his Camry) and personally deliver the film in time for the trial.

The trial was a success, but more importantly, trust had been established and NurturMe understood that we aren’t just another packaging company. We were willing to go the extra mile (literally), and do whatever it took to help them have a successful product launch.

Upon learning that we could also produce the 5-pack cartons that the Quinoa Squares pouches were to be sold in, NurturMe once again put their trust in us to produce what is arguably the most important packaging component… the retail carton that catches the attention of the end customer, and ultimately drives an initial purchase.

Since then, the tremendous growth that NurturMe has realized is due entirely to their absolutely fabulous line of products, unique take on a growing market sector, and a wonderful team of innovative minds. The trust that we earned on a sub-zero morning in the middle-of- nowhere Minnesota fostered an incredible partnership, and CastlePierce now produces the packaging for the majority of NurturMe product lines. We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with such a great company, and look forward to helping them further their success in any way we can.

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